We operate Future Centers in 21 Denver high schools. Each is staffed by a DSF College Advisor who will help you plan and pay for college.  Find your Future Center here.

Abraham Lincoln High School

Future Center: Room 220

Advisor Information

Gabe Guindon


I am a proud grad of Guilford College in Greensboro, NC where I double majored in Spanish and International Studies with a focus in Latin America. After working for Guilford as their resident coordinator of a study abroad program in Guadalajara, Mexico, I served as their Director of Post-Secondary Support with Big Picture-Philadelphia and was a founding staff member of their alternative pathways school, El Centro De Estudiantes. At Big Picture-Philadelphia all our schools and programs, including El Centro, provided students with extensive support in fostering strong, attainable and productive post-secondary plans as well as creative dual enrollment partnerships with local certification programs and community colleges. 

Having spent several years living in and learning about Latin America, and most specifically Mexico, I could not be more excited or feel any luckier than to be working for DSF at Abraham Lincoln High School. Outside of work, I travel around Colorado on my dirt bike, play sports, snowboard as much as possible and stubbornly root for Cleveland sports teams.

Bruce Randolph High School

Future Center: Room B114

Advisor Information

Leticia Treviño


College enrollment has progressively risen each year for the past 4 years since Future Center advisor Leticia Trevino started, who is located in room B113. To add to Leticia’s success, last year the class of 2014 was offered over $1,000,000 scholarship dollars collectively and 100% of the students applied to at least 4 colleges.

Leticia considers Corpus Christi, Texas her home. As a first generation student, Leticia always knew that college was out there but didn’t know the process on how to apply or receive money. After graduating high school, Leticia was accepted to University of Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas where she studied communications and graduated in 2005.

Once she graduated from college she realized there was more out there for her to see and didn’t want to move back home. That’s when she came across a job at University of Denver where she worked as an Intern for the Center for Multicultural Excellence. Leticia had never considered going to graduate school but when the Masters program recruited her and offered her a full scholarship she decided to continue her education.

On top of her continuing her education she also had a position that helped her realize her passion of working with students. She worked as an academic advisor at Arapahoe Community College who helped students who were low income, first generation, ethnically diverse and non-traditional students.

Leticia’s personal values are holistic growth, quality relationships, social justice, and intentions which relate to Denver Scholarships values of growing relationships, learning and leadership. Her goal is to challenge students to grow as people and feel accomplished at the end of the school year. When she sees her students so sure of their path she feels like she has done her job well. She is passionate about social justice and working towards everyone having an equal chance. Leticia loves that at DSF she is learning constantly and each school year is a chance for one of her students to succeed.

East High School

Future Center: Room 223

Advisor Information

Angrith Na


Angrith Na is starting his second year at the East High School Future center, room 223. Thanks to Angrith's help and assistance, last year's graduating class of 2014 filled out over 2,500 college applications and was collectively offered $17,279,390 in scholarships.

While a student at West, Angrith worked at the VIP Partnership Program where DU students would help high school students navigate the college process. When Angrith decided to attend DU, he started working for the VIP Partnership program to help high school students be actively involved in the college process. This is when he realized his passion to help students succeed.  Angrith remembers when Denver Scholarship Foundation first was in the news and loved the vision of helping students afford college. He decided it was good fit to go in that direction and help students on a full-time basis.

Angrith's personal values can relate to Denver Scholarship Foundation's values of innovation because he believes in becoming more innovative on a front line level to better serve students in a more effective and efficient way. Angrith also relates to equity with being able to provide students more access and information so that they have a better chance to make it into college, succeed there, and ultimately graduate.

The favorite part of Angrith's job is seeing the students grow from the fall semester until they graduate in the spring and being there with them through the process. He enjoys seeing them grow and understand the struggles of getting into college and having options to see what they can do.

George Washington High School

Future Center: Room 128

Advisor Information

Daylisha Hall


Daylisha Hall has great plans for her first year at the George Washington Future Center located in room 127. Last year the class of 2014 was offered over $6,000,000 scholarship dollars. Daylisha plans to help students add to this number. She also plans to grow and build on the past success at GW to help make college possible for more students.

Daylisha Hall was born and raised in Jackson, Michigan. Day stayed in Michigan for college where she studied Psychology at Michigan State and graduated in 2011. After graduating she served in AmeriCorps for two years.

Daylisha has always been drawn to advising students. She previously worked at College Forward as a college completion counselor with first generation and low income students. She also worked as an Admissions counselor at University of Houston where she recruited high school seniors. Day was ready for a change of scenery from Houston and was attracted to Colorado and all it had to offer. Denver Scholarship Foundation's mission and values sparked Day’s interest as she felt she had the skills and background to relate to helping students.

Her values of family, spirituality, purpose, growth and diversity correlate with Denver Scholarship's main values of equity, innovation, learning and leadership. She loves the purpose of DSF because she can relate to 1st generation students, because she was one herself.

Day is happy to be at George Washington High School and loves the “One George” statement because she believes in an equal opportunity for every student and that college is possible for all. Day wants to give back to students and be a role model so students from a similar background as herself get to college and succeed in life.

John F. Kennedy High School

Future Center: Room 305

Advisor Information

Zulema Sierra


Zulema Sierra has been at the John F. Kennedy Future Center, room 305, for two years now. Students from last years graduating class were collectively offeredover $3,000,000 of scholarships due to the help and assistance of Zulema. Additionally, 100% of the students at John F. Kennedy high school applied to at least one college.

Zulema was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and went to North High School. After graduating high school she attended Colorado State University for both undergraduate and graduate school studying technical journalism and then student affairs in higher education.

During college, Zulema worked at the Colorado State University Latino Cultural Center as the program coordinator. When Zulema started talking to people that were happy with their job, she saw they had something in common and they worked with students. She realized that this was the path she wanted to take.

Zulema started working at Denver Scholarship Foundation after her advisor in grad school led her to the foundation. She began volunteering at North High School for her practicum during grad school.

Zulema’s personal values align perfectly with DSF’s values and by doing her job she gets to exemplify her values of integrity, growth, happiness and relationships everyday. Her favorite part is building a lasting relationship with her students and getting to know them on a personal level. Zulema leaves work feeling fulfilled knowing that she has helped students. Being an advisor has also been eye opening for Zulema to see students grow but also watch herself grow as a person.

Manual High School

Future Center:

Advisor Information

Diana Madriz

Martin Luther King Jr. Early College High School

Future Center: Room 141

Advisor Information

Jasmine Rainey


Last year’s graduating class at Martin Luther King Junior college was collectively offered more than $1.7 million in college scholarships thanks in part to the assistance they received from College Advisor Jasmine Rainey, who operates the Denver Scholarship Foundation’s Future Center in Room 237A. 

Jasmine is proud that 100 percent of last year’s senior class graduated, and 86 percent of them were accepted to at least one college.

Jasmine was born and raised in Denver, Colorado where she attended George Washington High School. She stayed in state for college when she knew she would be receiving the DSF scholarship herself and went to Colorado State University where she graduated in 2011 with a degree in Journalism and Technical Communications. 

She developed her passion for working with students when she worked at Kaleidoscope Corner, a Denver Public Schools after-school program that provided tutoring and an outlet for students ages 6 to 14. She could relate to the kids that had come from a disadvantaged background and influenced her to make a difference and be a positive role model for the students.

Her first job out of college was with Denver Scholarship Foundation where she worked as an advisor with the TRIO Educational Talent Search program that helped low income, first generation students.

 Jasmine feels great to repay the generosity of Denver Scholarship Foundation to other students and defines the act of paying it forward.

Jasmines holds her personal value of relationships close to her because she believes in having a strong relationship with all her students and taking the time to listen to them. She wants her students voices to be heard and value their knowledge to help them get ahold of their future. She believes that this is what Denver Scholarship Foundation is all about because they lift students up to succeed.

Montbello Campus

Future Center: Room 151

Advisor Information

TRiO Talent Search Program: Nate Cadena


Nathan Cadena has worked for opportunity programs in Colorado for more than 10 years.  As a TRIO alumnus, his work has been focused on serving the formal and informal educational needs and aspirations of diverse and underrepresented students who are: first generation, limited income, disabled, unaccompanied, and otherwise marginalized. He currently serves on the College Access team at the Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) as the Director of the TRIO Talent Search program.  

Previously, Nathan has served as a TRIO project Director for the Student Support Services (SSS) program at the Community College of Denver (CCD), a long running Hispanic Serving Institution.  Additionally he has served as an Educational Advisor/Instructor, Lead College Coach, and Career Counselor at Colorado State University (CSU), the Daniels Fund College Scholarship and Preparatory Program, Front Range Community College, and the Denver Educational Opportunity Center.  These roles have enabled him to serve diverse communities in northern Colorado and the Denver metropolitan area.  Additionally, he has created and facilitated enrichment programming geared for career development, academic improvement, and increased digital literacy for partner organizations such as Goodwill Industries, Urban Peak, Volunteers of America, and various workforce centers in the counties surrounding Denver. 

Outside of professional duties, Nathan has contributed work for organizations such as the Colorado Coalition for the Educational Advancement of Latinos (COCEAL), Fraternal Unity and Empowerment Representing Tomorrow’s Educators (FUERTE), and the Miller McCoy Academy Board.  He has been able to share advice for younger communities as an Expert Advisor in the book Junior Guide to Senior Success: Becoming a Global Citizen, by Carol Carter.  

Nathan is a native to Colorado, and an alumnus of Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Arts in social sciences; Regis University with a Master of Education in adult learning, training, and development; and the Community College of Denver with a certificate in Global Career Development Facilitation.

Montbello Campus

Future Center: Room 151

Advisor Information

Humberto Guerrero


Humberto Guerrero is a College Access Advisor for the Denver Scholarship Foundation and TRIO Talent Search. 

I grew up in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver. I graduated from Manual High School in 2004 and after a year of working various construction jobs, I decided to go to college. Being first-generation and being among the first of my family to actually finish high school, I did not have a clue how to get to college. For some time, I thought I could not even go to college due to my very low GPA and low ACT scores. By chance, I came across some people active in promoting development in my community that gave me a hand. With their help I was able to enroll in at the Community College of Denver (CCD). During my time at CCD I completed my associate’s degree in General Studies with a 4.0 GPA and later transferred to the University of Colorado Denver (UCD).

At UCD I became active in the TRIO Student Support Services program which widely opened my academic and professional opportunities. Thanks to TRIO I became the recipient of a national fellowship program called the Institute for International Public Policy which provided public policy training, study abroad opportunities, and funding for graduate school. This fellowship program really opened up the possibility for me to go to graduate school.

After graduating summa cum laude from UCD, I participated in various international development projects in Central America. I later returned to Colorado and decided to apply for graduate school. I got accepted and received a full tuition fellowship to do a master’s degree in community development and education at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Before joining DSF, I worked for the United States Agency for International Development in Senegal, the Mastercard Foundation in Tanzania and Uganda as well as the Metropolitan State University of Denver’s TRIO Student Support Services in the Auraria campus.

Montbello Campus

Future Center: Room 151

Advisor Information

Melissa Quinteros


Last year’s graduating class at the Montbello campus was collectively offered more than $1.7 million in college scholarships. 98% of the class of 2014 also applied to at least one college. This is thanks in part to the assistance they received from College Advisor Melissa Quinteros, who operates the Denver Scholarship Foundation’s Future Center in Room 102.

Melissa was raised in Aurora, Colorado and attended Metropolitan State University where she graduated in 2005 with a degree in Behavioral Science.

While in college Melissa had a work study job as a Student Ambassador at the Admissions office. Her main task during this job was to go to high schools around the state and help students apply for college. She realized that she wanted to continue advising and help students succeed so she applied for a job at Community College of Denver Student Outreach and Recruitment. At this position she was in charge of recruiting students from half of the Denver Public Schools. After this position, Melissa then started working for the TRIO program through Community College of Denver and worked at Skinner Middle School and North High School where she found out about the Denver Scholarship Future Center. All of Melissa’s previous work experiences lead her to her current position at the Montbello campus.

Melissa’s personal values of indomitable spirit relate to DSF’s values of relationship building. Melissa focuses on students not giving up, even when things get hard. Melissa wants to help her students always accomplish their goals and stay focused to graduate and get into college.

North High School

Future Center: Library Atrium

Advisor Information

Becca Knoblock


Becca still remembers her first student who applied to college when she started working in a Future Center in 2010. That student was accepted to University of Northern Colorado and is now a senior who just returned from studying abroad in South Korea. To Becca, stories like that are what keep her feeling rewarded every day.

Becca, a Colorado native, was born in Boulder and went to St. Olaf College in Minnesota. She graduated in 2007 with a degree in History.

Immediately after graduating, Becca worked with Americorps at Guadalupe Alternative School where she helped seniors figure out their plans for life after high school. Through this experience, she developed a passion for helping students plan for the future. After moving back to Denver, she earned her Master’s degree in School Counseling at the University of Colorado Denver while beginning her work with DSF. She was excited by the scope of work at the Denver Scholarship Foundation, and energized by the mission.

Other Schools
Advisor Information

Renae Bruning


Renae Bruning, M.A., serves as the Director of College Access for the Denver Scholarship Foundation (DSF) providing leadership for 18 DSF College Advisors serving Denver Public School students. She also serves on the DSF program management team offering strategic direction for the organization.  

Previously, Renae was a DSF College Advisor for six years at John F. Kennedy High School, her alma mater, and received recognition from Stanford University for her outstanding achievements in that position. 

Renae began her career in the University of Colorado at Boulder's Office of Admissions playing a lead role in the effort to increase the enrollment of underrepresented students. In 2006 she completed the competitive Color of Justice, Inc. Urban Leadership Institute and in 2012 completed the year-long Denver Leadership Initiative. 

Renae received her undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado-Boulder in sociology and educational practices and policies. Renae also finished graduate school at CU Boulder with highest distinctions. Her graduate research focused on issues related to college access and success of underrepresented students, and parent engagement. 

Ms. Bruning is a 2000 graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Denver Public Schools, prior to graduation was named to the inaugural class of the Daniels Fund, a full, four-year scholarship based on character, leadership, maturity, academic promise and community service.

South High School

Future Center: Room 114

Advisor Information

Meredith Barrow


Meredith Barrow has been at the South High School Future Center, room 114, for three years now. Students from the graduating class of 2014 were offered $2,975,312 of scholarships due to the help and assistance of Meredith. Additionally, 96% of the students at South applied to at least one college.

Meredith was born in Beaverton, Oregon where she spent most of her childhood until she moved to Colorado for high school. She then attended University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where she studied Business Management and graduated in 2008.

After she graduated, she worked as an admission counselor for UCCS with Denver Public Schools in her district. Meredith also worked as a high school counselor where she gained a lot of experience with admissions and financial aid. From then on she knew that advising and mentoring students was what she wanted to do. She volunteered at the Future Center at North High School in 2009 and started working for Denver Scholarship Foundation in 2010. In 2011, she moved to South High School where she currently works and loves the atmosphere and energy the high school and students gives her.

Meredith’s personal values of family, health and loyalty relate to Denver Scholarship Foundation's values because she believes that she has created the environment of family in her future center with her students and coworkers at DSF. She also believes that loyalty builds off of DSF’s values of integrity and equity because she is dedicated to seeing her students succeed.

The most rewarding part for Meredith is that she has been a mentor and advisor for 4 years now so she has been able to see her students go through the full cycle and graduate high school and attend college to pursue their dream.

Thomas Jefferson High School

Future Center: Room 135

Advisor Information

Rena Maez


West Campus

Future Center: Room 222

Advisor Information

Jeanette Rojas


Jeanette Rojas is beginning her first year operating the Future Center at West High School, room 229. Thanks to Jeanette’s assistance, last year’s graduating class filled out over 200 college applications and was collectively offered $79,600 in scholarships.

Jeanette grew up in Loveland, Colorado and moved to Denver for college where she attended DU and studied Anthropology and Spanish and minored in Leadership Studies. Jeanette also decided to attend Graduate school at University of Denver where studied Curriculum and Instruction.

While doing a work study program at DU, Jeanette worked as an assistant program coordinator in the living and learning communities. Jeanette was promoted to work there after she graduated and her tasks included events and services, community change services, housing department and managing the Residence Assistants.

After being referred to by a family friend for a teaching opportunity at Southwest Early College she began working there and fell in love with it. SWEC is a charter school where Jeanette developed and wrote a model for curriculum. This is when she knew that education was her passion.

For Jeanette her personal values of redemption, people, truth and grace are all interconnected for her and tied to DSF’s values. Jeanette believes that advising holds her students in the grace of their lives, their background, but how to hold truth to reality of higher education. Jeanette wants to make sure that DSF’s values are active in her future center by keeping the dream alive with community, caring about undocumented students and having high expectations for her students.  


Other Schools

The schools listed below do not have Future Centers but students who graduate from these schools are eligible to apply for the DSF Scholarship and may receive other services. To learn more about how DSF serves these schools, please contact Rana Tarkenton at 303.951.4158 or

List of Schools

  • Academy of Urban Learning Charter Schools
  • CEC Middle College of Denver 
  • Colorado High School Charter
  • Contemporary Learning Academy
  • Denver Center for 21st Century Learning
  • Denver Center for International Studies
  • DSST Stapleton and Green Valley Ranch
  • Denver School of the Arts
  • DPS Online High School
  • Emily Griffith High School
  • Escuela Tlatelolco
  • Florence Crittenton
  • Gilliam School
  • Justice High School
  • KIPP Denver Collegiate High School
  • Montbello P.U.S.H Academy
  • P.R.E.P. Center
  • Ridge View Academy
  • Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning
  • Southwest Early College
  • Summit Academy
  • Venture PrepVista Academy

TRiO Talent Search at Montbello

What is TRiO Talent Search?

The Denver Scholarship Foundation’s TRiO Talent Search program inspires and empowers low-income, first generation students in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood to enroll in college. The program serves 9th through 12th grade students, providing them with support and guidance to graduate from high school, enroll in college and secure financial aid and scholarships.  The TRiO Talent Search program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

What can the TRiO Talent Search Program do for you?

  • AdvisingCareer
  • Academic: secondary and postsecondary
  • College
  • Financial Aid
  • Postsecondary Placement
  • College admissions and advising
  • Financial aid application assistance
  • Campus visits
  • Academic Preparation
  • Study skills development
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Course and grade monitoring
  • Career Exploration
  • Career inventories
  • Job Site Tours

For Academic Resources  Click Here.

TRIO Talent Search Schools

The Denver Scholarship Foundation’s TRIO Talent Search program aims to serve 9th through 12th grade students throughout the Montbello Community. We offer services at the following high schools:

Montbello Legacy High School

Collegiate Preparatory Academy          

Denver Center for International Studies at Montbello

Noel Community Arts School

High Tech Early College

Vista Academy 

TRIO Talent Search

TRIO Talent Search

Denver Scholarship Foundation

303 E. 17th Ave., Suite 200

Denver CO 80203

Phone: 720-423-5741 

Fax: 720-423-5767


Meet our Team

Nathan Cadena, M.Ed.

Director, Talent Search Program


Phone: 720.423.5730

Melissa Quinteros

Advisor, Talent Search Program


Phone: 720.423.5741

Humberto Guerrero

Advisor, Talent Search Program


Phone: 720-423-5723

Jasmine Rainey

PT Advisor, Talent Search Program


Phone: 720.423.5741

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